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Why Are These New Smart Contracts Most Popular

Smart contracts can be used for a variety of purposes, including controlling and keeping a record of token holders, locking up tokens and allocating staking rewards, automatically executing trading strategies, and countless other tasks.

By keeping tabs on smart contract activity, it may be possible to spot emerging trends and hot projects, determine where the smart money is migrating, spot profitable business opportunities, and perhaps even spot risks that others might overlook.

We used Nansen’s hot contracts tool to examine the most widely used recently deployed (7-day) smart contracts.

Here is what we discovered:

Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts


Top Ethereum smart contracts of this years early time include:

OHM-WETH pool operated by SushiSwap saw $52 million in inflows over the previous year. Recent days’ sharp rise in volume of Crypto Currency Trading India through this pool has also resulted in a sharp rise in fees, raising yields for OHM-WETH liquidity providers.

A smart contract connected to the Gnosis Safe platform for managing digital assets currently holds more than $21 million in RADAR tokens.

SIPHER tokens worth a total of $13.7 million have been staked in the Sipher Staking Pool smart contract, which is about a quarter of the token’s circulating supply.

The hottest smart contracts of the year also include the SIPHER-WETH liquidity pool contract on the Kyber Network. Since then, the pool has received SIPHER and Wrapped ETH (WTH) worth about $5.5.


The following are top Polygon smart contracts of this years start:

Bloktopia’s token staking contract lasts 360 days. Bloktopia, the hugely popular VR-based metaverse project, opened its BLOK token staking pools this week. In total, nearly $6 million in blocked was locked in the 360-day staking pool.

Bloktopia’s token staking contract is valid for 90 days. Bloktopia’s 90-day staking pool was less popular with BLOK token holders. A little more than $2.4 million in BLOK currently staked.

Binance Smart Chain

The following are this years top Binance Smart Chain smart contracts:

A smart contract associated with the recently launched League of Ancients (LOA) game has transferred more value in the last week than any other new BSC smart contract. It appears to be a distributor contract, with early investors receiving vested tokens.

TrustPad’s 60-day IDO staking contract also included. 31.4 million TPAD tokens have staked, yielding a 45% return. TPAD, on the other hand, has lost a third of its value in the last two weeks.


Top Avalanche smart contracts include:

The most active new smart contract on Avalanche is connected to the just-launched DeFi ecosystem Roco Finance. The fact that the contract now has control over ROCO worth more than $10 million suggests that it may be linked to a staking option.

Over the past year, the Trader Joe Pool: KITTY-WAVAX rapidly increased in size with more than $1.3 million in deposits.

Why Should You Check Hot Contracts?

You’re probably looking for the next hot project of Cryptocurrency India Buy if you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast or a fervent investor. Since early birds frequently get the worm, one way to see what the smart money is doing is to monitor inflows to recently launched smart contracts. In the explosive Cryptocurrency Exchange India market, I doubt it.

But it’s important to remember that money entering a new smart contract isn’t always a sign of a bullish trend. Liquidity pools don’t always turn a profit due to temporary losses, staking contracts frequently pay high yields while the token price falls, and large-scale investors don’t always strike it rich.

In light of this, we advise carrying out your due diligence prior to following the money.

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