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An overview on FIO Token:

FIO protocol is a blockchain technology that aims to create a new path for easy sent and received the top cryptocurrency in India and tokens. FIO token is a native token of the FIO chain, this covers the transaction costs of gas and manages its network. To establish network agreement, the FIO Chain employs Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). FIO coin holders vote on-chain to elect Block Producers. Anyone may register to become a BP and, if enough votes are cast, construct blocks.

FIO addresses serve as a human-readable wallet identification (username@domain) for FIO Protocol users. An FIO Address can be registered using either an FIO-integrated application or a registration webpage. An FIO Address is linked with 100 free transactions and has an annual charge in FIO tokens.

Users can use FIO Request to begin transactions using FIO Addresses. The request will be saved on-chain with metadata which will be encrypted by Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

Transaction metadata is represented by FIO Data. This metadata can range from an unstructured memo to organized data (e.g. deposit details). By keeping transactional data (e.g., invoices, dates) on-chain, the team views FIO Data as a method to facilitate decentralized commerce. FIO Data may also include blockchain metadata, such as transactions.

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