Wishing you a very happy mattu pongal?


“May the bright colours of Pongal infuse each of our hearts with hope and lift all of our burdens. I wish you a very happy Mattu Pongal.”

Mattu Pongal is the third day of Pongal and is devoted to cattle. Agricultural animals such as bulls, cows, and other livestock are all prayed for. Cows and bulls have always held a special place in India. Bulls and oxen aid in ploughing, while cows offer nourishing milk. As a result, Maatu Pongal is a day when cattle are treated with respect and given a well-deserved rest. As a result, farmers celebrate the day as a day of thankfulness in honour of their cow companions.

On this day, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Parvati are honoured, and Pongal is offered as part of their ‘puja.’ Shiva is said to have sent his bull, Basava, to the world to urge that mortals have an oil massage and wash every day, as well as eat once a month. Inadvertently, Basava announced that everyone should eat every day and bathe in oil once a month. This enraged Shiva, who cursed Basava and condemned him to spend the remainder of his life on the ground. He’d have to plough the fields and help people increase their food yield. As a reason, cattle are connected with this day.

Mattu Pongal, or Cow Day, is a day dedicated to cows. Bells, maize sheaves, and garlands are used to decorate the animals.

Lord Shiva once sent his bull, Basava, to earth with a message for humans, urging them to get an oil massage and wash every day, as well as dine once a month, according to tradition. On the other side, Basava misquoted Shiva as saying that people should eat every day and bathe in oil once a month.

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