Greeting wishes for kannum Pongal

kaanum pongal
kaanum pongal

The fourth and last day of the Pongal celebrations is known as Kaanum Pongal. The term Kaanum literally means “to go there.” As a result, friends and relatives frequently visit each other on this day. The name Kaanum means ‘seeing and seeing,’ according to the astroulagam website. Every year, individuals visit tourist attractions and spend time with their families. So, the importance of Kaanum Pongal is to get together with our loved ones and have a family gathering.

The Thiruvalluvar Day is also known as Kaanum Pongal. This day is commemorated in honour of Thiruvalluvar, a famous Tamil poet, philosopher, and writer. Thirukural, his novel, made him famous. According to the astroulagam website, Kaanum Pongal and Kanni Pongal both happen on the same day, however the way they are celebrated differs.

Whereas Kaanum Pongal is associated with a family reunion, Kanni Pongal is associated with fertility. Farmers in rural Tamil Nadu pray to Saptha Kannimaar, a group of seven virgin deities. This is done in order to get blessings for their farmland. Unmarried females are so honoured as Saptha Kannimaars on this day, and are given garments and jewellery as well. On this day, they would be lavished with all the amenities. Meanwhile, some young maidens pray for holy matrimony in the future on this day. While Pongal is known as a harvest celebration, the Pongal’s four days have a specific function.

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