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How to buy and sell Curve DAO Token (CRV Token) in bitcoiva?

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To buy and sell and trade CRV (CRV Token) in Bitcoiva

To trade INR: CRV/INR


An overview on Curve DAO Token(CRVToken):

Curve DAO Token (CRV) is an Ethereum token that is used to run Curve. fi, a decentralized exchange and automated market maker protocol. The protocol is intended to facilitate the crypto exchange India of comparable ERC-20 tokens, especially stablecoins (such as USDC and DAI) and Ethereum-based Bitcoin tokens (like WBTC and renBTC).

To reduce the possibility of temporary loss, the protocol only hosts pools of identical assets. This implies that you may supply USDC-DAI-USDT liquidity on Curve, but not USDC-WBTC. The CRV token can be frozen for various time periods (up to 4 years) in order to vote on governance and collect protocol fees as a reward.

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