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Audius is a social media-enabled decentralized streaming music service launched in 2018. It allows musicians to post their tracks to the app also links music enthusiasts with new performers. It’s a decentralized blockchain system that enables artists to create immutable, timestamped recordings for their creative works that are safeguarded by a network of node operators. Recently, AUDIO announced cooperation with TikTok, and the price of Audius has reached new heights.

Because AUDIO is a crypto platform India owned and controlled by its users, its future is entirely defined by $AUDIO governance. The vote value of $AUDIO wagered for value-added services is proportional to $AUDIO’s voting weight. It launched on the POA Network, an Ethereum sidechain, before transferring some of its operations to the Solana blockchain.

It also gives users access to a unique music library, allowing them to design their apps. It’s different from other music streaming services in that it can be constructed on the blockchain, which significantly influences how it works.

Artists may submit their tracks for free, and fans can listen to them for free, all while making cryptocurrency India money. Artists from oppressive regimes who use music as a tool of dissent and protest can act in a secure setting thanks to Audius’ absence of centralized control.


Price Analysis of Audio


From our previous in-depth analytical analysis of AUDIO price data, the price of Audius expects to hit a minimum of $2.07 in 2021. With just an average daily trading price of $2.29, the AUDIO price can reach a high of $2.36.

In 2022, the price of Audius expects to drop to a minimum of $3.34. In 2022, the Audius price might reach a high of $3.96, with only an average cost of $3.43.

According to the price projection and technical analysis, the price of Audius expects to reach a minimum of $4.57 in 2023. With only an average daily trading price of $4.74, the AUDIO price may reach a maximum of $5.62.

In 2024, the cost of one Audius predicts to drop to a minimum of $6.31. In 2024, the AUDIO price might reach a high of $8.00, with an average cost of $6.50.

The Audius pricing expects to drop to as low as $9.09 in 2025. According to our research, the AUDIO price might reach a high of $11.03 with an average expected price of $9.35.

Is Audius (AUDIO) a Good Investment?

The value of Audius projects to grow in the future, as scarcity tends to drive up prices. Please keep in mind that each investment has some risks. Simply said, invest in what you can achieve before drawing any judgments, and undertake as much research as possible.

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