Top Cryptocurrency In India

Which Altcoin Should You Choose to Invest?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, otherwise called “soft currency.” Cryptography is a decentralized system that keeps track of cryptocurrency accounts and transactions. The first name that flashes into the mind when discussing the top cryptocurrency in India is Bitcoin. And that is also evident. The most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

The fluctuations in online investing continue to expand and shrink, which has an additional impact on the financial value of digital currencies. If we put bitcoin aside, other viable cryptocurrency India includes Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc. These are referred to as alternative currencies. In this article, let’s take a different look at them.

What is an Altcoin?

An altcoin is an alternative digital cryptocurrency to Bitcoin. It stands solo among all other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin dominated the market early to the point where it compared to other competitors to the primary cryptocurrency. After that, it was only Bitcoin, along with everything else. So, anything that is not Bitcoin, perhaps mockingly referred to as altcoins, or even less charitably, shitcoins.

Therefore, an altcoin is any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. This type of definition was very reasonable in the early days of cryptocurrencies when Bitcoin commanded the majority of market attention, and there were dozens or even hundreds of alternative coins.

Apart from Bitcoin, other most popular cryptocurrency in India are as follows:

Let us discuss some of the top 10 cryptocurrency in india,




USD Coin

Binance USD





Advantages and Disadvantages of Altcoins

Advantages of Altcoins:

1. Altcoins are tokens that focus on outperforming Bitcoin by addressing flaws or issues that have plagued it since its birth.

2. When it comes to portfolio management, altcoins provide diversity, which means that they give investors various options or possibilities via which they can generate an income on their investment.

3. Stablecoins, a subdivision of altcoins, can achieve the goal Bitcoin initially set by promoting the use of cryptocurrencies for regular business transactions.

Disadvantages of Altcoins:

The market cap of altcoins is less than that of bitcoin.

1. Since there is various  Indian cryptocurrency Coin to choose from, making investment decisions can be significantly more difficult.

2. Due to their potential sharp price expands or drops, altcoin prices can be considerably more erratic than the price of Bitcoin.

3. There have been several examples of altcoins losing value after failing to achieve their original goals, which caused failures for investors.

Types of Altcoins

There are thousands of cryptocurrency buy in India, and speculators looking for altcoins are spoiled for choice. There are many altcoins, like stablecoins, meme coins, governance tokens, security tokens, and many more. This blog will discuss four significant types of altcoins that have gained popularity. These altcoins have gained different names because they have additional functionality, features, and serving purposes.


Stablecoin is one of the unique and common types of cryptocurrency whose value is linked to another asset’s value, usually the US dollar. Stablecoins try to maintain a coin price equal to the value of the underlying item. Stablecoins often have a basis in actual money since assets like real dollars back them (though often bonds and other assets as well). Examples of stablecoins include Tether and USD Coin.

Meme Coins

Meme coins are any coins that are produced as a direct result of a joke, pun, or sarcastic remark shared on social media. These are often based on forks of more significant cryptocurrency tokens and typically have little functionality beyond transferring money from one crypto wallet to another. For example, Dogecoin, one of the most popular meme coins, was produced due to the Shiba Inu meme that was popular on the internet at the time.

Security Tokens

A type of coin known as a security token denotes a tiny stake in another asset. For instance, security tokens might be used to confirm ownership of a work of art and split ownership among its owners. Or, it may represent the business’s ownership through security tokens. Accordingly, this kind of token may allow the securitization of more established assets.

Governance Tokens

The digital assets known as governance tokens grant holders the ability to vote. Through voting, the users have control over the project for the future they are using. These are typically voting and proposal-creating tokens for the blockchain and crypto in question, which contributes to its decentralization by providing all holders a voice and a part in how it develops, pushing on rather than a single centralized authority. The principal examples of governance tokens are Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

Final Thoughts: Should You Invest in Altcoins?

Altcoins should only be bought if you are confident that you want to grow the diversity of cryptocurrencies in your portfolio and if you have taken a moment to thoroughly review each token you are interested in, its development team, and its possibility for success in the future.

A few altcoins have large-scale projects underway that deliver many more use cases than Bitcoin. It signifies that if you buy an altcoin when it is still in its early stages of development and broad appeal, the token’s price may rise significantly. Altcoin purchases, regardless, come with drawbacks and risks as well. Always DYOR! (Do Your Own Research).

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