Trending crypto March 2024

Top Trending Cryptocurrency of second week of March 2024 in Bitcoiva

Bitcoiva, the best Indian Cryptocurrency market, has repeatedly gained users around the world due to its high liquidity and low fees. Users can trade over 360+ crypto pairs with more secure and fast transactions. In this blog, let us dicuss about the cryptocurrencies shined in the past week.

Bitcoin BTC

Bitcoin soared up to $73,000, driven by a record-breaking net daily inflow of over $1 billion in spot BTC ETFs—the highest since its launch. In Bitcoiva, the best Indian crypto exchange, the BTC rates soared to 6370746 INR and plummeted by 7% to a low of 5674400 INR this week.


Pepe is enjoying continued success as it has risen 853% this month. It attains its all-time high of 0.00093766 INR; today, it is 7% low of 0.00071536 INR. It shows 0.00064962 INR as it’s low this week. Most analysts compare Pepe, the frog-based cryptocurrency, to Dogecoin and Shiba in its growth.



Floki, the meme cryptocurrency, has surged over 600% since the beginning of 2024. In the second week of March 2024, it showed a high of 0.02714976 INR and declined its range by 0.01957149 INR in the same week. Investors seek a bullish trend about the meme coin due to Bitcoin’s Halving.


The reef’s price is predicted to reach $ 0.004664 by March 19, 2024, and its fear and greed index is 83. In Bitcoiva, the Reef price reaches 0.474885500 INR and lowers to 0.24496800


In the Bitcoiva Market, the OOKI cryptocurrency reached a high of 0.53630000 and declined to 0.255344800 in the second week of March 2024.


DREP cryptocurrency reached a high of 57.95500000 INR in Bitcoiva and declined to 33.00840000 INR in the second week of March 2024.