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Happy Bhogi to all customers

The first day of ‘Pongal’ is known as the ‘Bogi’ or ‘Bhogi’ celebration. Lord Indra, the God of Clouds and Rains, is honoured on this day. Lord Indra is revered and worshipped for his bountiful crop. As a result, the land is blessed with plenty and prosperity. As a result, ‘Indran’ is another name for ‘Bogi’ or ‘Bhogi’ day. People clean their houses from top to bottom, gathering all of their unwanted possessions. They normally spend their time with their family on home duties.

Every house, from the most opulent to the most humble, is cleansed and whitewashed. Homes are adorned with ‘Kolams’ after they have been cleaned. These are floor patterns made using a white rice paste and a red mud outline.Five petal pumpkin blossoms are put in lumps of cow dung to embellish ‘Kolams.’ Fresh rice, turmeric, and sugarcane harvests are carried in from the fields before the end of the day. This is done in preparation for the next day.

Before cutting the paddy on the first day, a specific pooja is done. Farmers honour the sun and the ground by applying sandalwood paste on their ploughs and sickles. They then cut newly harvested rice with these hallowed implements.

Lord Indra, the god of rain and lord of lords, is honoured during the Bhogi festival. On this day, the Bhogi Mantalu rite is performed, in which unwanted household goods are thrown into a bonfire traditionally composed of cow dung cakes and wood.

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