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An overview on FET Token:

Fetch.ai is a cutting-edge platform that combines internet of things devices and algorithms to enable collective learning. It is based on a shared ledger with high throughput. Fetch.ai’s architecture provides a one-of-a-kind smart contract capability that may deploy machine learning or artificial intelligence solutions, allowing for decentralized problem-solving. It is similar to the crypto exchange India.

The Fetch.ai platform’s open-source tools enable customers to build various ecosystem infrastructures and launch innovative business models. Fetch.ai is made up of a worldwide team of developers that are working on the intersection of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and multi-agent systems. It is based on a next-generation distributed ledger system that is extremely scalable and incorporates machine learning.

The ecosystem of open access tokenized decentralized machine learning networks for smart infrastructure integrates multi-agent systems, machine learning, and cryptography to enable a decentralized digital economy. Fetch.ai was founded in 2017 by a group of experts lead by the project’s CEO and co-founder, Humayun Sheik, as well as Toby Simpson, Thomas Hain, and Jonathan Ward. BOSCH, German manufacturing, and technology business is cooperating with Fetch.ai to build the V2.0 Mainnet of the blockchain network.

The ‘Festo’ team worked with Fetch.ai to create a decentralized manufacturing marketplace. Other key ecosystem partners include Catena-X, innovative telecom laboratories, Fireblocks, YOTI, and others. Fetch.ai is collaborating with OpenDAO and OCP. FET holders on Binance Smart Chain can use them for staking and exchanging OMNIC tokens and Minting USDO stable coins.

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