How to update your Security in bitcoiva?

Once you have successfully registered in Bitcoiva here:
Login to your account here:

Once the customer completes KYC, the next step is security:
Structured expiation on security process:

Two-factor application: The two-factor application is the safest and secure method. The two-factor passcode is sent to the registered mobile number. The withdraw password status is enabled and disabled using a two-factor application on the crypto app India.

Change password: If a customer forgets their password or wants to change their password they can change their password as their wish.

Current password: The customer has to enter the current password they remember that they want to change. If forgotten the password they can enter any password they remember.

New password: The customer has to enter the new password they want, which must contain 8 letters with at least one uppercase, a special character, and a number in it and it should b difficult to track by others.

Confirm password: The customer has to reenter the new password to confirm the password; if they enter the wrong password the password will not be changed on the Bitcoiva crypto exchange India.

Update: The customer must click on update to change the previous password to the new one they created.
In the notification column, one can find their profile been verified with their login details, KYC notification, two-factor alert.

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