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To buy and sell and trade DREP Token in Bitcoiva

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An overview on DREP Token:

DREP is a blockchain connector and toolset that includes gamification features. The project allows for the deployment of decentralised apps on several public chains with a single click.

The DREP Chain is built on an enhanced version of the classic Practical-Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant (PBFT) and Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) consensus mechanisms. DREP Chain is also compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine and WebAssembly smart contracts. The DREP Chain is made up of two layers: a root chain and customisable sub-chains.

A node can send real-time data from a smart contract to other apps via the Smart Pipeline, which will then return the results to the blockchain once the computation is complete. Smart Pipeline is designed to handle increasingly complicated application situations while providing a more flexible and cost-effective execution procedure with zero gas use.

The DREP token can be used to pay for gas costs, as a form of payment for transactions across sub-chains, and to trade assets in future DREP games.

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