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An overview on Dash Token:

Dash has been present in some form since 2014, yet people frequently question what is Dash cryptocurrency? It was previously known as XCoin, and it was created after founder Evan Duffield, who was dissatisfied with the transaction speed of Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency in India decided to create his own coin with the goal of having quicker transaction speeds and greater anonymity.

Dash is a hard fork of Litecoin, which split from Bitcoin in the first place. The coin has a hard cap of 18 million Dash coins, which is less than Bitcoin’s supply; this is already a positive omen for additional price rises.

However, unlike Bitcoin, the average block mining time on the Dash blockchain is 2.5 minutes, which is around four times quicker than Bitcoin’s block mining period of about 10 minutes. This implies that Dash transactions are substantially quicker than Bitcoin transactions, making them more appealing for everyday use.

Some of the blockchain’s more technical essential characteristics include Masternodes, which form a second layer network on top of the first tier, which comprises typical network miners. PrivateSend is another mechanism that helps to preserve fungibility by swapping money between users in order to destroy the traceability of coins, making the network safer because a transaction cannot be tracked and the coin’s history cannot be retrieved.

Finally, the characteristic that distinguishes Dash is InstantSend, which allows Dash transactions to be nearly instantaneous.

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