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An overview of COS (COS Token):

Contentos is a utility token in the ecosystem of the same name on the crypto exchange India. Its concept is similar to that of Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser in that it aims to develop a platform that will eliminate all difficulties associated with the distribution and consumption of digital content. More precisely, how producers presently receive a little portion of financial benefits despite completing the majority of the labour, the issue of copyright claims and stolen content, and adverts that frequently do not reach the intended audience. Because the platform is built on trust and transparency and supports content producers and users, Contentos returns power to the people. Viewers are rewarded with Contentos tokens for their attention and participation on the platform, such as like and commenting on videos. The reputation system ensures that the content is of the highest quality.

Contentos has its own wallet and the ability to be saved on any ERC-20 compliant wallet, and there is no mining of the Contentos token. With Contentos, everyone has total control over their digital footprint. For better or worse, it is saved permanently, unlike traditional platforms where a website can be destroyed along with all of the contributed material gathered through time. Contentos enables people to be creative and express themselves without having to worry about the many minutiae connected with content creation. It fosters a free market and encourages collective innovation. Despite being a relatively new project, Contentos has risen to the top 400 cryptocurrencies in the world and has the potential to do well in the future. To mention a few, Contentos has attracted key investors and partners such as Samsung Blockchain, Chainlink, Binance Labs, Atomic, and Trust wallets.

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