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An overview of COMP:

The compound is a piece of Ethereum software that tries to motivate a distributed network of computers to run a conventional money market.

Compound, one of a growing number of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, combines several crypto assets to offer this service, allowing lending and borrowing without needing a financial middleman such as a bank.

Simply said, Compound allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies into lending pools that borrowers may access. Lenders are then paid interest on the assets they have deposited.

When a deposit is made, the Compound rewards the lender with a new cryptocurrency India called a token (which reflects the deposit). Tokens such as cETH, cBAT, and cDAI are examples of tokens.

Each token can be transferred or swapped freely but can only be redeemed for the cryptocurrency initially locked in the system. Because the entire procedure is automated and controlled by the Compound code, lenders can withdraw money at any moment.

Compound employs another coin unique to its service, COMP, to incentivize this behavior. Users are rewarded with more COMP tokens when they interact with a Compound market (by borrowing, withdrawing, or returning an asset).

While the approach is complicated, it has so far been effective in attracting users and encouraging other DeFi cryptocurrencies to follow it. According to the statistics portal DeFi Pulse, about $500 million in assets were locked in the Compound protocol as of 2020.

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