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How Can I Gift Someone Crypto or NFTs

What is Cryptocurrency

Any kind of money that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to safeguard transactions is known as cryptocurrency, also referred to as crypto-currency or crypto. Cryptocurrencies use a decentralized mechanism to track transactions and create new units rather than a central body to issue or regulate them.

What is  Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain that can be distinguished from one another by their distinctive identifying codes and metadata.

They cannot be bought or exchanged for equivalent amounts like cryptocurrencies can. This contrasts with fungible tokens, like cryptocurrencies, which are interchangeable and can thus be used as a medium for business transactions.

How Can I Gift In Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are now considerably simpler to purchase thanks to their increasing popularity, which is partially a result of their speculative character. Here are a few typical methods for giving these digital goods as gifts.

Gift someone Crypto or NFTs

Gift Cards

Numerous websites offer gift cards for cryptocurrencies. Find one that is reliable, ideally has positive ratings, and offers what you want, then decide on the present amount and complete the purchase.

You’ll receive a gift card for the amount you deposited after the payment has been made. The recipient can redeem the gift by going to the same website and entering the information shown on the card, just like how normal shop gift cards operate.


Giving cryptocurrency via an exchange is an additional choice. If you aren’t already a crypto investor, you’ll first need to choose an exchange, open up an account, and decide on a payment method. Once you’re up and running, it will be simple to send purchased digital currencies to your donee’s wallet address.

Storing digital currency

Once you’ve purchased the gift, you’ll need to find a secure location to keep it. Although it’s normally advised to relocate it offline to a location where it cannot be readily hacked and stolen, you have the option of keeping it on the site where it was acquired.

Paper Wallets

Paper wallets are the most affordable offline cryptocurrency storage solution. Visit a specialist website to build a paper wallet, which is essentially a printed piece of paper holding all the information required to access acquired bitcoins and facilitate transactions. The website produces keys and related QR codes at random.

Hardware Wallets

The hardware wallet is a storage option that is more secure. Hardware cryptocurrency wallets are basically a USB drive. They are regarded by many in the industry as the best location to ensure that private keys—the crucial information required to enable transactions on the blockchain network—are safe and secure since they are compact, waterproof, and virus-proof.

These wallets can be purchased quite readily, with different prices depending on the functionality that they offer, and are offline, making them tougher to hack than a computer or smartphone.

Actual Coins

You can buy actual coins if you want to make the present a little finer. These coins can be used to hold digital currency and are pretty beautiful to look at.

Underneath the tamper-proof hologram of each one is a redeemable private key that contains a unique address. These coins aren’t just good for storing things; they’ve evolved into collectibles, which means there’s a potential their value will rise.

After designing and printing a paper wallet, you must take care not to misplace or harm it. The done would no longer be able to access the virtual currencies delivered to the address if that were to happen. 6 Additionally, it’s crucial to keep it secure since if someone finds it, they could access the digital assets and take them.

How Can I Gift In NFTs

Handing someone an NFT is very much like giving them cryptocurrency. The recipient’s public wallet address, the NFT, and a cryptocurrency balance to cover transaction fees are required to get started.

Obtain the Public Wallet Address of the Recipient

Get the recipient’s public wallet address first, then double-check the information. An NFT might never be recovered if it is sent to the incorrect or incompatible address. Wallet addresses are communicated as either a QR code or a string of alphanumeric characters.

Open Your NFT-Holding Cryptocurrency Wallet

Next, sign in to the cryptocurrency wallet where the NFT you want to donate is stored. Keep in mind that anyone with access to your wallet’s private keys or password can access all of the money and NFTs you have in it.

You’ll also need to have enough money in your wallet to pay gas and transaction fees in order to transfer the NFT. Those network fees may be substantial in some circumstances.

NFT Sending Transaction in preparation

When signed in, go to the NFT and select the option to send the asset to a different wallet

In the appropriate field, type the recipient’s wallet address. The compatibility of the wallet should be verified by your wallet software. Don’t transmit the transaction if it isn’t. For instance, you can only transmit an NFT based on Ethereum to an Ethereum wallet. Direct transfers to a Bitcoin or other wallet are not possible.

You may have the choice to pay more costs for a faster transaction or lower fees for a slower transaction, depending on the wallet and network.

The gas price you pay during a transaction is an offer or a bid to the network to speed up the transaction. If you provide too little gas, your transaction can take a long time to complete and be validated.

Check the information twice and send

Double-check your transaction details to ensure they are accurate because blockchain transactions do not have a reverse option. To be safe, double and even triple check.

Click the button to send the NFT once you’re certain that everything is correct. This broadcasts the transaction for confirmation to the blockchain’s computer network.

On the blockchain, confirm the receipt

Since blockchain transactions are transparent, you can monitor the transfer while it takes place and verify that the NFT has been received by the correct wallet after the transaction has finished. A free blockchain explorer like Etherscan can be used for this.

The recipient might not see a pop-up or message that the NFT has arrived in their wallet, depending on the wallet you are using. Telling them they have a brand-new NFT is the enjoyable part that you can do.

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