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Cardano is the third-generation blockchain crypto currency trading platform for decentralized proof-of-stake.

It is designed to be more effective than a proof-of-work network. The ADA coin was founded in 2015 and then launched in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson. Charles Hoskinson is the co-founder of ethereum coin.

History of Cardano coin on Crypto Currency Trading Platform

1. Cardano coin is funded by initial coin offering (ICO).

2. In 2017 the debut capital is $600 million, by the end of it, the capital is 10 billion.

3. In 2018 the market capitalization was $10 billion and it reached $33 billion which late dropped back to $10 billion.

4. It is believed to be more reliable than the top 5 cryptocurrency in India, bitcoin and etherum as bitcoin is slow and inflexible whereas etherum is not safe.

5. Cardano Ada claims to overcome all existing problems in the cryptocurrency market.

6. In 2017 IOHK partnered and helped the University of Edinburg to launch a blockchain technology laboratory.

7. In 2020 IOHK donated $500,000 in Ada to support the development of blockchain technology to the University of Wyoming.

8. In 2021 April IOHK and Ethiopia ministry of education announced a plan to launch an identity and record-keeping system for Cardano for 5 million students of the country.


1. Cardano coin is expected to be more evolving in the crypto currency trading platform.

2. The current capitalization, the people who developed it make Cardano one of the best investments in the crypto market.

3. Cardano coin is expected to be a good investment and will attain strong growth in the upcoming years.

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