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Bitcoin Surpassed $30,000 and Triggered Bullish Sentiment

Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin’s market indicators and moving averages signal a “Buy” sentiment. The initial bullish sentiment triggered by Blackrock’s ETF filing has gained momentum as many institutions have jumped on board to endorse cryptocurrency trading.

Amid news of potential spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the entry of prominent players into the digital currency realm, Bitcoin has experienced a strong rally. Financial experts offer advice to investors eager to participate in this exciting market.

On Wednesday, the price of bitcoin surpassed $30,000, fueled by growing optimism surrounding spot bitcoin ETF applications from companies like BlackRock, WisdomTree, and Valkyrie. Although Bitcoin has seen an impressive surge of over 80% in 2023, it is still more than 50% below its all-time high reached in November 2021.

Currently, U.S. investors have access to bitcoin futures ETFs, which involve investing in bitcoin futures contracts—agreements to buy or sell the asset at a predetermined price in the future. However, the highly anticipated bitcoin spot ETF would directly invest in the digital currency.

In Bitcoiva trading exchange, 23.06.23 1:13 PM, the 24h trading volume of Bitcoin is 3,526 BTC. 

Bitcoiva provides various BTC pairs listed as follows:


The ALGO/BTC pair has a current price of 0.00000423 with a percentage of -0.70%.


The AVAX/BTC pair has a current price of 0.00042480 with a percentage of -2.35%.


The BNB/BTC pair has a current price of 0.008095 with a percentage of -3.45%.


The DOGE/BTC pair has a current price of 0.00000219 with a percentage of -3.19%.


The DOT/BTC pair has a current price of 0.0001635 with a percentage of 0.12%.


The ETH/BTC pair has a current price of 0.062480 with a percentage of -1.17%.


The LINK/BTC pair has a current price of 0.0001954 with a percentage of 2.30%.


The LTC/BTC pair has a current price of 0.002871 with a percentage of -0.59%.


The MATIC/BTC pair has a current price of 0.00002222 with a percentage of -3.43%.


The SOL/BTC pair has a current price of 0.0005530 with a percentage of -3.89%.


The TRX /BTC pair has a current price of 0.00000240 with a percentage of -1.24%.


The UNI/BTC pair has a current price of 0.0001589 with a percentage of -0.69%.


The XRP/BTC pair has a current price of 0.00001634 with a percentage of -3.14%.

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