BTC Price Prediction 2024

Bitcoin Halving Event 2024 cycle Completed: Will BTC hit $1,00,000

Key Highlights

 Overview of BTC as of April 22, 2024

Bitcoin Price $65,855.45
24 Price Change +6.71%
7D Price Change -0.38%
Market Cap $1,296,889,344,995
Trading Volume (24-Hour) $40.8 billion$24,959,956,871
ATH $73,750.07
Fear-Greed Index 62 (Greed)
Circulating Supply 19,688,518 BTC
Sentiment Neutral
Volatility 3.99%
Overview of BTC

Bitcoin Halving 4th cycle completed on April 19, 2024

New BTC MinedBTC Price on Halving Day BTC Price 365 Days Before HalvingBTC Price 365 Days After Halving
Pre-Halving(Genesis) 10.5 Million$0.000501 NA$0.0601
Bitcoin 1st Halving: November 28, 20125.25Million$12 $2.32 $964
Bitcoin 2nd Halving: June 09, 20162.625 Million$663 $228.99$2550
Bitcoin 3rd Halving: May 11, 20201.313 Million$8740 $7341.66$58,250.87
Bitcoin 4th Halving: April 19, 2024 0.656 Million$64,051 $28,827NA
Overview of BTC Halving cycles

The Bitcoin Halving 2024 event was completed on April 19, 2024, and could significantly impact cryptocurrency prices. The BTC halving event reduces the block rewards to half, and the process of creating new BTC slows down, thus creating a noticeable slowdown in the entry of new Bitcoin into the market. This will create a scarcity of Bitcoin in the markets, and supply reduction will always increase demand. The most significant demand among the BTC will create a consistent uptrend after the Bitcoin halving event.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024 (April to December)

Year Minimum Price / Maximum Price

2024 $85,000 to $92,000

2025 $115,000 to $120,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction April 2024

In Q1 2024, the BTC showed a bullish sentiment, and at the beginning of April 2024, it dropped 15%, and a series of bulls and bears engulfed up to the halving event. After the completion of the halving event, the price moved into the massive bullish sentiment and reached the upper resistance level. The experts predict the price will move between $65,200 and $65,700 by the end of April 2024. 

Bitcoin Price Prediction May 2024

The crypto experts predict that the halving event will help maintain the bullish momentum and indicate an upward trend. It suggests the price will rise steadily from 65,700 to 70,000, giving a minor pullback after the halving event. But it will bounce back quickly and touch between $72,200 and $72,500 by the end of May 2024.

Bitcoin Price Prediction June 2024

The market sentiments will show strong enthusiasm and a solid uptrend in price is expected. It also showcases to reach $75,000 with a slight drop before achieving the price. There will be a new surge with a positive uptrend momentum towards the end of the month, and it will rally in the $74,200 to $74,800 price range.

Bitcoin Price Prediction July 2024

In July 2024, the price heads towards the half of the year 2024 and will target a powerful upward surge. It will target a peak level of $75,000 towards a new achievement of $78,000. By the end of the month, it is expected to range between $78,500 and $78,600.

Bitcoin Price Prediction August 2024

More people are expected to become interested in purchasing Bitcoin, leading to a noticeable increase in positive market activity. This trend could significantly affect the market, pushing the price up. However, surpassing the resistance level of $80,000 might be difficult. By the end of August 2024, Bitcoin’s price is expected to be between $80,100 and $80,900.

Bitcoin Price Prediction September 2024

The market participants will remain silent, and the month is primarily believed to be stable as the bulls may push the prices above $80,000. Based on the market sentiment, the experts predict it will show a sustainable range of $80,000. The price ranges surged between $81,500 and $81,800 by the end of September.

Bitcoin Price Prediction October 2024

October 2024 is the beginning of the last quarter. The month is believed to be bullish, and the price range of BTC will be expected to reach a new height of above $82,000. The bulls will hold levels above $82,000, with significant bearish pressure, and the rally is scheduled to close between $82,200 and $83,000 by the end of October 2024.

Bitcoin Price Prediction November 2024

November 2024 is the end of the year. It always shows bullish momentum, and it will settle within a specific range. Bullish sentiments keep pushing the markets toward $85,000, which targets the price goal of $100K, while the bearish could prevent the range beyond $85,000. Bitcoin is expected to trade between $85,200 and $86,500 at the end of November 2024.

Bitcoin Price Prediction December 2024

Due to the bearish activity, the upward momentum will be around $90,000 at the beginning of the month. The Bitcoin price is expected to lose its earlier gains and possibly retain its range between $88,500 and $91,600 at the end of 2024.

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