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Atletico De Madrid Fan Token(ATM)

Atm coin is abbreviated as Atletico de Madrid. It Is designed to give a tokenized share to influence the decision of the club by Atletico de Madrid football club. They can do this in socios applications and services. Whereas socios is the blockchain-based fan engagement and reward service particularly designed for entertainment organizations that are powered by chili. Users can buy ATM in Bitcoiva, the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in India.

ATM is a service token on the Chiliz Chain, an Ethereum-based Proof-of-Authority sidechain that is primarily used for: Leadership: Through smart-contract, ATM holders can vote on several contract-binding “fan decision” surveys conducted by Atletico de Madrid. Prizes: By engaging in Socios events, ATM cardholders can earn rewards.

ATM can be invested in order to get Non-Fungible Token (NFT) rewards in the future. ATM has a maximum coin supply of 10,000,000, of which 1,223,789 were distributed to club supporters in a Fan Token Offering. The remaining tokens are controlled by Atletico de Madrid and may be purchased through community events, Binance Launchpool, and other means.

The Atletico de Madrid Fan Token (ATM) is a utility token that uses the Socios application and services to provide Atletico de Madrid supporters a tokenized share of influence on club decisions. The token acts as a membership key, enabling users to compete for exclusive incentives, club recognition, and other benefits.

ATM token holders can vote in Atletico de Madrid’s “fan decision” polls using a smart contract. Atletico de Madrid is legally obligated to act in accordance with poll findings. Token holders may utilize the Socios platform to participate in surveys, compete in contests and quizzes, connect/chat with like-minded individuals, and receive prizes such as matchday tickets.

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