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Right Time To Invest In Bitcoin – Says MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor

In a recent CNBC news broadcast, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor stated that this is an excellent time to invest bitcoin.

MicroStrategy examined. Their Bitcoin strategy against every other alternative, Saylor said in a recent appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.”

“If you go back to August 2020. When we started this adventure, Bitcoin has fared 10 times better than anything else,” he remarked. Since then, gold is down 10%, the NASDAQ is flat, and Bitcoin is up 86%.” He went on to call Bitcoin “the best-performing asset” in history.

Saylor stated that he will continue to buy cryptocurrency in India, Bitcoin during the current bear market because he sees it as a risk-free store of value. “If your time horizon is one month, it appears to be a volatile risk asset,” Saylor said.

 If your time horizon is ten years, however, it appears to be a risk-free store of value asset. So the four-year mark has been reached, and no one has ever lost money investing in Bitcoin for four years.”

Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to buy Bitcoin

The CEO of MicroStrategy insisted that Bitcoin offers a once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity. He stated that the bitcoin network’s book value “would be the 4-year simple moving average, which is around $21,685.

“Only a few times in history has Bitcoin reached that level, and each time it has been a terrific purchasing opportunity. Bitcoin is on sale!” exclaims the narrator.

The top cryptocurrency in India, Bitcoin, he claimed, is the “sole digital scarcity, supported by the world’s most secure computer network, and answers the fundamental demand for a long-term store of value that everyone has.”

“If I give you $100 million, you can’t recreate it [Bitcoin], and it’s beyond nation-state or corporate attack,” Saylor continued.

Because of Bitcoin’s dynamically evolved financial nature, Saylor believes that once people begin to see it as “a singularity and there’s nothing like it in the world,” “this is a perfect entry point to get into this thing.”

Investing in crypto
Investing in crypto

What Investors has to do Now?

Bitcoin is always considered star of the show. But bitcoin hits lowest level of all time since December 2020. On June 16 the price of bitcoin reaches Rs 17.30 lakh. Even other cryptocurrencies India are facing many backslashes in recent events. The cause of this loss is because the US Federal Reserve increases the rate of interest to combat the rise in inflation. This sudden crash in cryptos left many traders shift to latter. While there are many traders still betting in Bitcoins with hope to shift its value!

There is a way to combat this situation for every traders. Invest in bitcoin there are many platforms that’s allowing their traders to SIP. SIP is a term refers to “Systematic Investment Plan”. As a trader use SIP to lower your risk of losses.

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