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How to buy and sell LINA Token in bitcoiva?

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To buy and sell and trade LINA Token in Bitcoiva, the top cryptocurrency exchange in India

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An overview of LINA Token:

Linear is a decentralized delta-one asset system that allows users to create synthetic assets immediately and with limitless liquidity. By allowing users to create “Liquids,” Linear’s synthetic asset tokens, the project makes traditional assets like commodities, currencies, market indexes, and other thematic areas available to the top cryptocurrency in India users. The protocol is made up of several products, such as Linear.

Buildr is a decentralized application that allows users to manage liquids using Linear (LINA) and other tokens as collateral. The crypto exchange India was built with the goal of allowing traders to trade a wide range of liquids with fast confirmation times and high security.

LINA is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that serves as collateral for Liquids (through Buildr) and a means of community governance for the protocol. The Linear DAO is open to all token holders, allowing them to vote on various initiatives and ideas, assisting in the growth of the linear ecosystem.

Linear’s major purpose is to give a better user experience with higher scalability and speed because of the protocol’s cross-chain capabilities. Linear Finance aims to provide a straightforward solution for consumers who desire traditional asset exposure while using only blockchain technology’s available capabilities.

Founder of LINA:

According to the official Linear Finance Linkedin page, the company was co-founded by Drey Ng and Kevin Tai and has a small workforce of less than a dozen people. Drey Ng is the co-founder and current chief product officer of Liquefy, a platform that lowers the entry barriers to tokenized securities. He is also a blockchain educator in Hong Kong and has worked in the finance business for numerous years. Kevin Tai worked at Credit Suisse in Hong Kong, a well-known worldwide wealth management and investment bank. He has almost a decade of expertise in the economy and is a Harvard Business School graduate.