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An overview of IRIS Token: IRISnet is a cryptocurrency India and service protocol that was created on March 1, The IRISnet protocol’s main goal is to build a blockchain-based, open network for small and medium companies that provide a range of services.

The protocol seeks to use several public and consortium blockchains to deliver the potential of decentralized, open networks to thousands of enterprises and freelancing service providers, according to the official IRISnet Whitepaper. In Greek mythology, Iris is the embodiment of the rainbow and the messenger of the Gods, and IRISnet was named after her. Founder of IRIS: IRISnet was created by the team of technology specialists behind Bianjie AI, a Shanghai-based high-tech firm launched in 2016.

Harriet Cao is a co-founder of Bianjie AI and a key force behind the creation of the IRISnet protocol. She’s been focused on providing new solutions to financial sector difficulties, as well as blockchain-based solutions for healthcare organizations. Harriet Cao is also significantly working with the Blockchain Edge
Analytics Network in addition to Bianjie AI (BEAN). She focuses on IRISnet’s big- data component.
Bianjie AI’s other co-founder is Haifeng Xi. He has a track record of creating distributed systems and blockchain apps. They came up with the idea for IRISnet as a blockchain solution for small and medium enterprises after combining their interests in big data with Harriet Cao’s interest in big data.

Tendermint, the startup behind the Tendermint consensus engine, as well as the makers of Cosmos, an environment meant to make blockchain app creation easier, are also part of the IRISnet team. Uniqueness of IRIS: IRISnet is a forward-thinking look at what blockchain technology of the Crypto platform India can do for business. While the majority of consortium blockchains are owned and maintained by large corporations, IRISnet intends to provide solutions for small businesses.

The IRITA, an enterprise blockchain that brings flexible digital asset modelling and privacy-centric data authorisation to the corporate sector, is one of their most recent inventions. One of the primary selling features of the IRISnet protocol is that it tries to blend on-chain and off-chain capabilities. Data processing and business logic will be carried out off-chain while transactions are carried out on the blockchain. IRISnet also provides products for commercial operations, such as a smart wallet.