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An overview on BZRX

bZx is touted as one of the most powerful open DeFi (Decentralized Finance Protocol) protocols. Essentially, the bZx Protocol is a DeFi Lending platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform’s goal is to provide a variety of apps that empower lenders, borrowers, and traders while remaining flexible. The most recent projects constructed utilizing the bZx Protocol are Fulcrum (a lending and trading platform) and Torque (a loan solution with set interest rates).
bZrx is concentrating its efforts on decentralized margin trading and lending, as it offers a higher profit margin than a centralized exchange. The concept of introducing decentralized finance to the market provides users complete control, eliminating hacking and theft of user cash. Users can make passive income from interest rates by holding their investments. Lower margin trading fees on a platform that is almost similar to $0. This crypto trading platform claimed to employ Tokenized concept with iTokens and pTokens, also known as financial primitives, in order to maintain value and leveraged position.
bZx debuted its primary network in 2018, and it was initially called b0x before being changed to its present name in July 2019. Because there are other projects and protocols with the same name on the blockchain market, a brand change was planned.

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