Floki Inu Price Prediction

Floki INR Live Chart | Price Prediction | How To Buy Floki/INR and Floki/USDT in Bitcoiva

What is Floki Inu?

Floki is a cryptocurrency that began as a meme coin in light of Elon Musk’s dog. However, it has developed into a wholly fledged Web3 project traversing decentralized finance, NFTs, and the Metaverse. Presently alluded to as “The People’s Crypto,” the group behind the Floki project has transformed a once-futile meme coin into something else. You can buy floki/inr and floki/usdt in Bitcoiva, the best cryptocurrency exchange in India with few simple easy steps.

Elon Musk Tweet On Floki Inu

The project’s FLOKI is a multi-chain token that can be used on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains and  Ethereum. Because it complies with ERC-20 and BEP-20, connecting FLOKI tokens between the two chains is simple, allowing holders to store and transact with their tokens on either blockchain.

It is important to note that the transfer of tokens between chains is not taxed, but FLOKI’s encoded 3% tax imposes the buying and selling of tokens. According to the project, this tax will expand Floki’s adoption and further develop the ecosystem, according to the Floki Inu treasury. As per the white paper, the group will lessen the tax once the treasury has gathered adequate funds.

History and origin of Floki Inu

The Floki Inu coin was introduced in June 2021 when Elon Musk tweeted that he would be naming his pet Shiba Inu “Floki.” At first, the venture began as a canine-themed meme coin, similar to Dogecoin, and was known as Floki Inu. As the task developed from a meme coin into something more significant, the group rebranded to “Floki.”

The project’s most recent version intends to provide utility by creating its blockchain environment and rewarding its ecosystem through charitable initiatives. Floki has likewise collaborated with the Million Gardens Movement, a gardening effort established by Elon Musk’s sibling, Kimbal Musk. The makers guarantee to see it as a development, in addition to a meme coin, and dream of building schools in immature countries.

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Floki Inu Projects

Valhalla NFT Game: 

It is a new contestant in the NFT gaming metaverse. Players can acquire rewards in light of participation; in-game buys are made through FLOKI tokens. 

FlokiFi DeFi Products:

The upcoming DeFi products will be referred to as “FlokiFi.” The primary product, FlokiFi Storage, is viewed as the most creative convention for getting digital resources. 

FlokiPlaces NFT Marketplace:

FlokiPlaces NFTMarketplace is where the buying, selling, and exchanging of digital resources has been made conceivable through Floki Inu alongside Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and even U.S. dollars. 

Floki University Crypto Education:

 Floki plans to train students in crypto at its university. Most of the courses are free, and some require Floki tokens.

Live Chart for Floki/INR

Check the live Price of Floki/INR and Floki/USDT here

You can also acquire the current value of floki with any other crypto with Bitcoiva’s Crypto Calculator. Click Here – Crypto Calculator

Market Capitalization and Circulating Supply of Floki Inu

According to Coinmarketcap, on the date of publishing the blog 

Market cap Capitalization of Floki Inu $5,092.49
Volume (24h) $90.36
Self-reported circulating supply   1T Floki Inu
Total supply   1T Floki Inu
Max. supply1T Floki Inu
Fully diluted market cap$5,092.49
Source: CoinMarketCap

Price prediction of Floki Inu from 2024 to 2030

FLOKI Price Prediction 2024

A technical analysis has determined that the expected minimum price of FLOKI in 2024 will be $0.000239. The most extreme level that the FLOKI price can reach is $0.000278. The average trading price is around $0.000246.

May 2024: FLOKI Price Forecast

Cryptocurrency experts are prepared to declare their prediction for the FLOKI value in May 2024. The base trading cost is $0.000187, while the minimum could be $0.000206 this month. Overall, the worth of FLOKI may be around $0.000196.

FLOKI Price Forecast for June 2024

Crypto expects to examine FLOKI’s value fluctuations in 2023 and earlier years, so the average FLOKI rate they foresee may be around $0.000204 in June 2024. It can drop to $0.000197 as a base. The minimum value may be $0.000213.

July 2024: FLOKI Price Forecast

The FLOKI cost will be traded at $0.000212 on average around mid-year 2023. The FLOKI value may also increase to $0.000224 in July 2024. The price is expected to stay below $0.000205 in July 2024.

FLOKI Price Forecast for August 2024

The crypto analytics examined the FLOKI price in 2023. Therefore, they are prepared to submit their predicted trading average for August 2024 of $0.000219. the minimum and peak of the FLOKI price might be $0.000209 and $0.000234.

September 2024: FLOKI Price Forecast

Crypto examiners expect that by the end of summer 2023, the FLOKI cost will be around $0.000227. In September 2024, it might drop to at least $0.000220. The average peak worth may be $0.000245 in September 2024.

FLOKI Price Forecast for October 2024

Considering FLOKI costs, cryptocurrency specialists expect that the FLOKI rate could reach a limit of $0.000256 in October 2024. However, it could fall to $0.000227. For October 2024, the anticipated average FLOKI is almost $0.000234.

November 2024: FLOKI Price Forecast

The FLOKI cost will be traded at an average of $0.000241 around mid-2023. Crypto examiners expect that in November 2024, it could fluctuate between $0.000232 and $0.000266.

FLOKI Price Forecast for December 2024

Market specialists expect that in December 2024, the FLOKI worth will stay below a minimum of $0.000239. The most extreme pinnacle scheduled for this month is $0.000278. The anticipated average worth will be at the degree of $0.000246.

FLOKI Price Prediction 2025

Month         Minimum Price    Average Price       Maximum Price
January 2025       ₹ 0.021₹ 0.021₹ 0.024
February 2025     ₹ 0.021₹ 0.022₹ 0.025
March 2025          ₹ 0.022₹0.023₹0.026
April 2025  ₹ 0.023₹0.024₹0.027
May 2025   ₹ 0.024₹0.024₹0.028
June 2025  ₹ 0.024₹0.025₹0.029
July 2025   ₹ 0.025₹0.026₹0.030
August 2025         ₹ 0.026₹0.027₹0.031
September 2025   ₹ 0.027₹0.027₹0.032
October 2025       ₹0.027₹0.028₹0.033
November 2025   ₹0.028₹0.029₹0.034
December 2025    ₹0.029₹0.030₹0.035
Floki/INR Price Prediction for 2025

After examining FLOKI’s costs in earlier years, the minimum expected cost in 2025 is around $0.000347. The maximum expected price is $0.000414. Overall, the trading cost may be $0.000357 in 2025.

FLOKI Price Prediction 2026

Month         Minimum Price    Average Price       Maximum Price
January 2026  ₹ 0.030₹0.031₹ 0.036
February 2026   ₹ 0.031₹ 0.032₹ 0.037
March 2026        ₹ 0.033₹0.033₹0.038
April 2026 ₹ 0.034₹0.035₹0.040
May 2026 ₹ 0.035₹0.036₹0.041
June 2026₹ 0.036₹0.037₹0.042
July 2026  ₹ 0.037 ₹0.0380.043
August 2026        ₹ 0.039 ₹0.040₹0.045
September 2026 ₹ 0.040₹0.041₹0.046
October 2026      ₹0.041₹0.042₹0.047
November 2026 ₹0.042₹0.043₹0.049
December 2026   ₹0.043₹0.045₹0.050
Floki/INR Price Prediction for 2026

According to cryptocurrency experts’ technical analysis, FLOKI is anticipated to have the following minimum and maximum prices in 2026: approximately $0.000520 and $0.000596, respectively. The expected cost of trading is an average of $0.000534.

FLOKI Price Prediction 2027

Month         Minimum Price    Average Price       Maximum Price
January 2027$0.000538 $0.000553 $0.000622
February 2027 $0.000556 $0.000572 $0.000647
March 2027       $0.000574 $0.000591  $0.000673
April 2027 $0.000592 $0.000610 $0.000698
May 2027 $0.000610 $0.000629 $0.000724
June 2027$0.000628 $0.000648$0.000750
July 2027  $0.000645 $0.000667 $0.000775
August 2027       $0.000663 $0.000686 $0.000801
September 2027$0.000681 $0.000705 $0.000826
October 2027      $0.000699 $0.000724 $0.000852
November 2027$0.000717  $0.000743 $0.000877
December 2027   $0.000735 $0.000762 $0.000903
Floki/Usdt Price Prediction for 2027

Specialists in cryptocurrency have examined FLOKI’s costs and their fluctuation in earlier years. The minimum FLOKI price in 2027 is anticipated to be $0.000735, while the maximum price could reach $0.000903. The exchange cost will generally be around $0.000762.

FLOKI Price Prediction 2028

Month         Minimum Price    Average Price       Maximum Price
January 2028$0.000765$0.000799$0.000936
February 2028$0.000796$0.000835$0.000969
March 2028      $0.000826$0.000872$0.00100
April 2028 $0.000857 $0.000908$0.00104
May 2028 $0.000887$0.000945$0.00107
June 2028$0.000918 $0.000981$0.00110
July 2028  $0.000948$0.00102 $0.000775
August 2028      $0.000978$0.00105$0.00117
September 2028$0.00101$0.00109 $0.00120
October 2028     $0.00104$0.00113$0.00123
November 2028$0.00107 $0.00116$0.00127
December 2028   $0.00110 $0.00120 $0.00130
Floki/Usdt Price Prediction for 2028


According to crypto experts’ analysis of FLOKI’s costs, the following maximum and minimum FLOKI prices are anticipated in 2028: $0.0013 and $0.0011, respectively. Overall, FLOKI will be traded at $0.0012.

FLOKI Price Prediction 2029

Month         Minimum Price    Average Price       Maximum Price
January 2029$0.00114$0.00123$0.00135
February 2029$0.00118$0.00127$0.00140
March 2029      $0.00123$0.00130$0.00145
April 2029 $0.00127 $0.00133   $0.00150
May 2029$0.00131$0.00137$0.00155
June 2029$0.00135$0.00140$0.00160
July 2029  $0.00139$0.00143 $0.00165
August 2029     $0.00143 $0.00147$0.00170
September 2029 $0.00148  $0.00150  $0.00175
October 2029      $0.00152 $0.00153$0.00180
November 2029 $0.00156$0.00157$0.00185
December 2029    $0.00160  $0.00160  $0.00190
Floki/Usdt Price Prediction for 2029

Crypto specialists are continually examining the fluctuation of FLOKI. In view of their forecasts, the assessed average FLOKI cost will be around $0.0016. It could drop to at least $0.0016, but it could actually reach $0.0019 all through 2029.

FLOKI Price Prediction 2030

Month         Minimum Price    Average Price       Maximum Price
January 2030$0.00165 $0.00166$0.00197
February 2030$0.00170 $0.00172  $0.00203
March 2030       $0.00175$0.00178 $0.00210
April 2030 $0.00180 $0.00183 $0.00217
May 2030$0.00185$0.00189$0.00223
June 2030$0.00190$0.00195    $0.00230
July 2030  $0.00195      $0.00201 $0.00237
August 2030     $0.00200   $0.00207   $0.00243
September 2030$0.00205      $0.00213 $0.00250
October 2030     $0.00210       $0.00218$0.00257
November 2030$0.00215     $0.00224 $0.00263
December 2030   $0.00220   $0.00230  $0.00270
Floki/Usdt Price Prediction for 2030

Crypto experts are examining the FLOKI price in 2030. It is estimated that the FLOKI token will be between $0.0022 and $0.0027. Its average price is anticipated to be around $0.0023 during the year.

How to buy Floki in India?

Let’s consider a few steps to buy Floki in India.

One of the most trusted ways to buy Floki in India is with Bitcoiva, the best cryptocurrency exchange in India. You can deposit INR/USDT in Bitcoiva and buy Floki, which has high Liquidity and low transaction fees.

Step1: Sign up on the Bitcoiva Account

To buy and sell Floki cryptocurrency, you must create an account on the Bitociva Crypto exchange platform.  You can log in with your credentials if you already have an account. Click the below link to create an account.

Step 2: Set up your Security key

First, activate your Bitcoiva account and generate a six-digit security key in Bitcoiva. Bitcoiva allows 2FA authentication and sends OTP for the registered mobile ID and phone number.

Step3: Complete the KYC process

You have to upload your bank details to complete the KYC process.

Step 4: Deposit Funds

To buy Floki Meme Coin, Deposit fiat currencies. Bitcoiva is the only crypto exchange in India that allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies using INR.

Step 5: Buy Floki on Bitcoiva

Your deposited funds are now in Bitcoiva’s main wallet; you must do a wallet transfer to move them to the spot wallet and buy Floki crypto.

Now, Enter the total amount you want to buy Floki crypto and click buy.


Where can you buy FLOKI?

FLOKI tokens can be traded on decentralized crypto trades. The most well-known trade to buy and trade FLOKI is Bitcoiva, where the most dynamic exchanging pair, FLOKI/USDT, has a trading volume of $ 0.000194.

What is the trading volume of FLOKI (FLOKI)?

FLOKI’s 24-hour trading volume is $206.26 million, and its current price is $0.00018688. It is down 3.19% as of now. FLOKI has a flowing supply of 9.71T FLOKI coins and a maximum supply of 10.00T FLOKI coins. By market cap, FLOKI positions 60.

What is the all-time high of FLOKI (FLOKI)?

The highest cost for FLOKI (FLOKI) is $0.0003365, recorded on Nov 04, 2021 (more than two years ago). The ongoing cost is nearly 43.50% lower than the all-time high price.

What is the all-time low for FLOKI (FLOKI)?

The lowest cost for FLOKI is $0.078428, recorded on Jul 06, 2021 (more than two years ago, two years ago).

What is the market cap of FLOKI (FLOKI)?

The market capitalization of FLOKI (FLOKI) is $1,842,518,790 and is positioned at #60 on CoinGecko today. Market cap is estimated by multiplying token cost with the circling supply of FLOKI tokens (9.7 Trillion tokens are tradable and available today).

What is the FDV of FLOKI (FLOKI)?

FLOKI (FLOKI) has a fully diluted valuation of $1,897,395,035. This is a statistical portrayal of the highest market cap, expecting the most extreme number of 10 Trillion FLOKI tokens to be available for use today. Based on the planned emission schedule of FLOKI tokens, it could take several years before FDV is understood.

How does the price performance of FLOKI compare against its peers?

With a price moment of 13.00% over the most recent seven days, FLOKI (FLOKI) is beating the worldwide cryptocurrency market, which is up 0.20%, while outperforming comparative Ethereum ecosystem cryptocurrency forms of money, which are up 12.70%.

Can Floki Inu reach 1 Rupee?

Reaching ₹ one is tough for FLOKI due to how many FLOKI are in circulation (10 trillion), needing a massive market cap increase. While unlikely, strong ecosystem adoption and a booming crypto market could create a slight chance; invest cautiously and research before buying.

Can Floki Inu reach 1 Rupee?

It’s more complex to become FLOKI price reach  ₹1 rupee. An enormous market cap increase is required because of the FLOKI  available (10 trillion). Maybe it will get a high increment by a robust ecosystem environment, and a peaking crypto market may create a bit of a chance, but invest carefully and take your time to research before buying.

What is the future of Floki Inu?

FLOKI price prediction: FLOKI’s price has jumped by 16.65% in the last 24 hours. FLOKI’s price prediction for the most bearish scenario will value FLOKI at $0.00015 in 2024. FLOKI’s previous all-time high was on Nov 03, 2021, when FLOKI was priced at $0.00033.

What is the future of Floki Inu?

FLOKI cost forecast: FLOKI’s cost has siphoned by 16.65% as of now. FLOKI’s cost expectation for the most negative situation will value FLOKI at $0.00015 in 2024. FLOKI’s past All-Time High was on Nov 03, 2021, when FLOKI was evaluated at $0.00033.

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