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Bitcoiva Guide To Register & KYC Verification

Bitcoiva is a cutting-edge Cryptocurrency Exchange India trading platform that provides various transaction options and allows for direct purchases. It enables instantaneous, rapid, and effortless transactions, with lightning-fast order execution, several layers of security, high liquidity, and 24/7 online customer support. As India’s fastest-growing trading platform, Bitcoiva is redefining the crypto trading experience.

At Bitcoiva, our vision is to promote financial inclusion globally by offering crypto-based financial services to billions of people worldwide. We strive to make decentralized financial services easily accessible to everyone on their smartphones. Our primary platform, Bitcoiva, invites individuals to join the global crypto economy and trade various crypto products using a single account. We believe that by providing such services, we can empower people to take control of their finances and participate in the digital economy.

Signing up for a Bitcoiva account is a simple process.


 To Register Bitcoiva, a Register button will be in the top right corner.

Step 1: Email & Password

 For sign-up, choose the login email address and set a secure password.

1. User Name

  All letters can be given (No special characters).

2. Email

You need to enter the correct email address; this email is used for login and receiving any communication from us. Once you enter the email ID later, it cannot be changed.

3. Mobile Number

Enter the correct number because we can contact you only through this number. You should enter only the numbers, not other characters.

4. Password

Enter a Strong Password, which should always be remembered. Enter a new password not used on any other platform or website. It must be at least 8-21 characters; we recommend using more than 8 characters with special characters like !@#$*&^, along with capital letters and numerous passwords.

Step 2: Email Verification

After entering your email address and password, click on sign up. User receive an email for registered email address.

Click on the Email Verification button on the mail. This will take you back to the Bitcoiva page for confirmation. This verification email will be activated only for 15 minutes if it’s not verified within 15 minutes. Again, login to the Bitcoiva account and click the Resend Activation Mail button.

Step 3: 2FA Setup

After verification is done, the next step is to set up 2FA to build on security.

Authenticator 2FA (suggestion): Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)- Login, Verification & Recapture.

Mobile SMS – Enter your 10-digit Indian mobile number. No need to include any country code or ‘0’ at the start. You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number via SMS; while logging into your Bitcoiva account. Enter the OTP to verify.

Mobile OTP will be valid only for 180 seconds; if it is expired, there will be a Resend Option.

Step 4: KYC details

The KYC step allows you to complete it, or it can be skipped at the beginning process by clicking the skip button. If this step is skipped, you can only Deposit cryptos into your account and Trade them. The KYC details can be completed later by clicking on the Profile Icon>Identification>Personal Verification>Enter the KYC details needed.

If you have completed your KYC process now, You can deposit or Withdraw your cryptos, Fiat & Trade. Next, you will be taken to enter the details and upload KYC documents for verification.

Name – Enter your name as it is mentioned in the KYC document. Eg- If the name is Elon Musk on your document, Kindly enter Elon Musk in the form also.

Date Of Birth – Enter the DOB in DD/MM/YYYY format. Eg – If your DOB is on 1st March 1988, enter 01/03/1988. To apply on Bitcoiva, you must be above 18 years.

Address – Enter your address as it is from the KYC document; there will be a separate box to enter your City, State & PIN code.

Document – You need to upload the KYC documents depending on your chosen country. Fill in the details consciously in the respective fields, and upload the scanned copy or a photo of your KYC document and your selfie as embellished in the sign-on form.

Cross-Check your details before clicking the submit button. This will be helpful to speed up your verification process.

Request to Email change

If it needs to change, You can request Bitcoiva to change to a registered email ID through    

[email protected] or Contact Us: 18002023677

You can request on the website: On the profile, click on the profile (top right)>security>Email Address Verification (Click change)>Enter your new email address and password>update. The request will be updated in Bitcoiva, and it will be changed within 24 hours.

What happens after pressing the Submit button?

After clicking Submit, Your documents and details move into the KYC document verification process. If the process is completed, you will receive an email that the KYC document has been approved. The verification process is done within 24 hours of submitting KYC details.

Bank Account Verification

To make smooth deposits and withdrawals of INR transactions. We will check the Bank account so that the transaction does not get poke/fail at the banking end process.  

To complete your bank account details, submit the following documents:

     Cancelled Cheque (Bank Holder’s name would be presented).

     Passbook (Front page).

     Bank statement in pdf format or screenshot of the statement.

Steps to complete your bank account verification:

   Open the Bitcoiva app and go to Account.

  Click the Profile Icon and select Security to add your bank details under Banking Information.

   Fill the details in Add New Bank & IFSC must be in the capital (account holder name/ bank name/ account number/ IFSC number/ bank branch).

   Cross-check your account details before clicking Submit.

    After submitting: You will get an approved/rejection email.

    This process will be approved within 60 minutes.

    Your account will be added, and you can add funds.

    Users can add up to five bank accounts with a registered username.

Security key (Withdrawal Password)

Enter a Strong Security Key Password, which should always be remembered. Enter a new security key. It must be at least 8-21 characters.

Both your login and Security Key (withdrawal password) should vary. It should be unique, and you cannot use your login password as a withdrawal password.

Reset Password

On the Home page, Click on the profile icon, there will be a security bar, click here to find Change and Reset Key.

If you want to modify your password, click on the Change button, where you can modify your password according to your preferences by entering your old password, you should set a new password and confirm that password. But your new password should be an integer and should have 7 letters.

If you want to Reset your password, click on the Reset button where you should enter the OTP, then click on the Reset key. Now you will receive an Email where you click the Reset your security key. Now you will get into the Bitcoiva Reset page where you can Reset your password.

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