Best Crypto Exchange in India

Best Crypto Currency Exchanges in India – Complete Guide

What are Crypto Exchanges?

A cryptocurrency exchange in India is a platform that helps traders to invest, buy, or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These platforms will be available in desktop functions and other mobile apps like e-brokerages. 

The cryptocurrency exchange not only provides trading but also offers staking, future options, and limit executions. Most crypto exchanges in India charge some fee to execute the transactions based on the volume of transactions executed by the individual or retail trader. Before the existence of crypto exchanges, traders should mine the crypto through various offline and online modes. But now, hundreds of crypto exchanges in India offer traders the ability to execute transactions with user-friendly and highest security.

How Does A Cryptocurrency Exchange Work?

The Cryptocurrency Exchange in India works based on the order book. The order book is executed based on the sell and buy orders placed by the trader. 

One needs to do the following to buy a cryptocurrency in the crypto exchanges.

  • Select a trustworthy crypto exchange 
  • Register your email and Phone number
  • Verify your KYC
  • Deposit Funds
  • Now, You can buy your favorite cryptocurrencies on the crypto exchange

For instance, if someone wants to invest in the top crypto exchanges in India, he must first register with the exchange. Then, you must upload the details the crypto exchange asks to verify the KYC for adding the bank account. Once the account is verified, they can transfer the funds (INR) into that crypto exchange. Now, you can initiate his transaction, such as buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), etc.

What are the types of cryptocurrency exchanges?

Centralized Exchanges

A single body regulates the Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and keeps track of every transaction.


  • Transaction is faster
  • Higher Liquidity
  • Easy to recover user funds


  • CEX stores the transaction history in the centralized servers, so it is easy to hack the system
  • Higher transaction fees may be incurred during manipulation

Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

The decentralized authority runs based on a distributed ledger, and these kinds of exchanges allow the trade of cryptocurrency without any authority.

Critical characteristics of decentralized crypto exchanges include:

Peer-to-Peer Transactions: DEXs enable direct transactions between users, allowing them to trade digital assets directly from their wallets without a central authority to hold or manage the funds.

Non-Custodial: DEXs are non-custodial, meaning users retain control of their private keys and funds throughout the trading process. This reduces the risk of hacking or mismanagement by the exchange.

Smart Contracts: DEXs often utilize smart contracts, self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement written directly into code. Smart contracts facilitate and automate trading, ensuring trustless and transparent transactions.

Decentralized Order Books: Instead of relying on a central order book, DEXs often use decentralized technologies like blockchain to host order books. This ensures the order book is distributed across the network, reducing the risk of manipulation or downtime.

Security and Privacy: Decentralized exchanges enhance security and privacy by eliminating the need for users to deposit funds into a centralized wallet. Users maintain control of their private keys, reducing the risk of hacks and unauthorized access.

Global Accessibility: DEXs can be accessed from anywhere worldwide if users have an internet connection and compatible wallets. This global accessibility enhances the inclusivity of cryptocurrency trading.

Hybrid Exchanges 

Hybris crypto exchanges are a mix of CEX and DEX, providing ease and convenience for security and privacy.

How to select the best cryptocurrency exchange in India?

Before thriving in the cryptocurrency exchange, one must monitor the safety and security of the investment and trading. Here are the key factors to consider before delving into the cryptocurrency exchange in India. 


Reputable exchanges prioritize transparency by disclosing cold storage addresses and offering insights into the methods used to verify their cryptocurrency reserves. This openness builds confidence among users, allowing them to make informed decisions when choosing a trustworthy exchange. Without regulatory oversight, these transparency measures become crucial benchmarks for assessing the credibility of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Reputation of the crypto exchange

You have to choose the exchange registered with authorities in India and check the exchange’s legitimate presence on Social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Easy To Trade

Another critical factor to consider while selecting a crypto exchange is trading smoothness. One must easily and quickly consider transferring and withdrawing your cryptocurrency.

Trading Volume

The trading volume of the overall cryptocurrency is identified through the order book volume and time if the Order book has its highest trading volume, that indicates a higher volume of traders and investors. 

Deposit and Withdraw Funds

The crypto exchange must allow the trader to manage the inflow and outflow of funds on sale and purchase, respectively. To invest in cryptocurrency, the investor must add their funds to their accounts, known as a crypto wallet.

Customer Support System 

Before selecting the crypto exchange, try to contact the customer support system of the cryptocurrency exchange in India. Check whether the exchange has a toll-free number or chat with them.

Location of the crypto exchange

Based on the authorities of rules and regulations of the country, one must choose the crypto exchange to avoid the risks.

Do proper research

When selecting the best cryptocurrency exchange in India, it is essential to adequately research the notes mentioned above and security issues.

Check for the tokens and fees

The pairs and fees may vary according to the exchange and security features. Also, check the updated list of currencies to avoid removing coins while investing.


Is crypto legal in India?

A central authority does not regulate cryptocurrencies, and there are no rules and regulations for dealing with cryptocurrencies in India. Investors can trade crypto by their risks.

How does crypto make you money?

The most common ways to make money through crypto are staking, mining, lending, trading, Earning staking bonuses, and crypto airdrops. Based in India, Bitcoiva is the leading platform that allows users to earn 61.5% of staking bonuses.

Which crypto exchange is allowed in India?

Based in India, Bitcoiva is the best cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with high liquidity under India’s specified rules and regulations.

Which crypto exchange has the lowest fees in India?

Bitcoiva is India’s leading platform that allows the trading of cryptocurrencies with the lowest fees of 0.2%.

Which exchange is best for trading in India?

If you are an Indian Crypto trader, then don’t go further than Bitcoiva; it offers 160+ cryptocurrencies with the highest liquidity.

What is the best way to invest in crypto in India?

The best way to invest in crypto in India is to utilize the Bitcoiva trading platform; you can start trading with a minimum investment of 100 INR.

Which is India’s largest crypto exchange?

India’s most significant trading platform is Bitcoiva because it is the only cryptocurrency exchange platform with very high liquidity than the other crypto exchanges in India.

Which is the largest crypto exchange in India by users?

Bitcoiva is the largest crypto exchange by users, allowing users with the most secure and mobile-friendly platform.

What is the most accessible crypto exchange in India?

Based in India, Bitcoiva is the most accessible crypto exchange for users, with user-friendly and easy-to-access options.

Which crypto exchange is the cheapest in India?

Bitcoiva provides a 0.2% trading fee, the cheapest among all cryptocurrency exchanges in India.

How many crypto exchanges are there in India?

There are 31 registered crypto exchanges in India, including Bitcoiva, the best cryptocurrency exchange in India.

What is the safest crypto exchange in India?

Bitcoiva is the safest cryptocurrency exchange in India, providing a safe and secure wallet transaction.

Which are the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in India?

Based on its trading volume and high liquidity, India’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange is Bitcoiva.

What is the difference between crypto and crypto exchange?

Crypto is a digital asset to buy, sell, and trade as other stocks. Crypto Exchanges offer cryptocurrencies for individuals or retailers to buy, market, and trade.

What is the difference between a crypto wallet and a crypto exchange?

A crypto wallet is a secure place to store your cryptocurrency, whereas a crypto exchange is a platform that allows the user to trade cryptocurrencies.

Which Indian Crypto Exchange is Best?

Bitcoiva is the best crypto exchange in India with the lowest trading fee, high liquidity, instant swapping, earning up to 61.5%, easy withdrawal, 50000 Shib coin as a welcome bonus, 

Which crypto exchange is registered in India?

Bitcoiva is the registered crypto exchange in India; it runs under the guidelines and requirements made by the Indian Cryptocurrency Market.

Which crypto exchanges are registered with FIU in India?

Financial Intelligence Unit: India (FIU-IND) is the central national agency responsible for accessing information about financial bodies, and 28 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitcoiva, are registered in India.

Which Indian crypto exchange is safe?

Bitcoiva, India’s largest crypto exchange, offers a safe and secure platform to users with a large number of security checks, including fingerprint, 2FA, QR codes, etc., 

How can I withdraw crypto from India?

Bitcoiva allows both foreign and Indian users to withdraw crypto from India. By providing the required amount of crypto withdrawal with their address, you can easily withdraw your asset from Bitcoiva. 

How can I deposit crypto in India?

  • Using the deposit option available under the menu bar, 
  • Click on deposit
  • Choose crypto
  • Enter the deposit address for the selected currency
  • Enter the amount of crypto to be deposited and click on the Yes Proceed button.