Best App for Trading Cryptocurrency in India

Best Crypto App India: Why Bitcoiva is the Best?

Cryptocurrency trading platform is steadily expanding mainstream among Indian traders. No wonder India ranks fourth in crypto adoption and has the world’s highest number of crypto owners. Indian users are looking for the best app for trading cryptocurrency in India in 2023: Beyond the speculative bets, cryptocurrencies are gaining mass traction as viable long-term investments, which can act as a wall in your investment portfolio besides providing handsome returns. The new buzzwords like NFTs, metaverse, Defi, gaming, web3, and the tokens built around them are gaining popularity in the digital world. Trading cryptocurrencies is most convenient when done through a crypto app. 

Cryptocurrency is a dynamic and exciting genre in itself. The other news regarding the new evolving asset class voiced from different perspectives gives the readers much more options to equate their views. Given the volatility aspect of the asset class, the news of scams and incidents from hackers is a given. Apart from the vibrant possibilities, investing and trading in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies has always been challenging. Many cryptocurrency exchanges in India have been working on making investment easier for both investors and traders from all spheres. 

The most common concerns regarding crypto investments and cryptocurrency trading circulate security measures and the safety of investing in cryptos. This article is curated to provide detailed pointers on India’s best cryptocurrency exchanges. Whether you want to invest in Bitcoin for the short term or if you want to buy the digital gold and HOLD it for long-term benefits, trade frequently, or look for easy usage within the various exchanges available, the listicles provide different cryptocurrency investment apps for any use cases you might have in mind. 

 There are apps that cover all types of cryptocurrency exchanges in India, like fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto.

Follow along after the brief introductions to determine which crypto exchange suits your need best. Remember there are certain precautions you must take care of once you choose an exchange for your crypto trading journey—a complete guide on the security measures to help you assist in the industry’s best protection. 

For any Indian trader, choosing the best app to buy cryptocurrency in India in 2023 is the first step to starting their crypto trading journey. Well, we have got you sorted! 

The Bitcoiva app is India’s most trusted and secure cryptocurrency exchange app, with over 5 lakh users. The app is available on Google Play, Windows, and Apple App Store. With over 5 lakh downloads, the Bitcoiva app is the most popular app for traders in India. 

There’s a lot that makes Bitcoiva app the best app for trading cryptocurrency in India in 2023:

Extensive Crypto Trading Pairs on Offer

Bitcoiva app offers over 250 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, DOGE, ADA, SHIB, LTC, SOL, USDC, etc., and over 200+ crypto trading pairs for traders to trade in. 

Multiple channels for making Deposits

 The app allows users to make INR deposits in numerous ways, including UPI, IMPS, bank transfers, and net banking. Users can start trading in cryptos via this app and use any method to deposit funds in their accounts. Bitcoiva traders can deposit and withdraw INR funds instantly, 24/7. 

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The Bitcoiva app has a simple and intuitive interface that allows newbies to navigate crypto trading without friction. The app offers real-time open order books, stop limits, TradingView charts, and trade history to trade and invest in some of the world’s best-performing digital assets. These features make Bitcoiva one of the best app for trading cryptocurrency in India for beginners in 2023. 


Since you would be transacting all your trades via the app, we’re sure the trading app must be secure. Bitcoiva app, besides the 2-factor authentication, for safe crypto investment transactions, offers in-app passcode. The Bitcoiva team uses the best industry practices to offer its users best-in-class security. The Bitcoiva team is committed to making Bitcoiva India’s most secure exchange app. Bitcoiva invests in regular security audits in order to keep the security mechanisms fool-proof and robust.

Hassle-Free Onboarding

This app offers a hassle-free onboarding experience for both beginners and investors. Bitcoiva traders can register on the app and get their KYC verified in just a few hours with easy steps. This crypto trading platform uses top-of-the-line identity verification systems to process the KYC quickly while providing the right KYC protocol. 

Quick Transactions and Low Costs

With lakhs of users on board, the platform offers high liquidity and low latency to all Bitcoiva users. Bitcoiva can handle thousands of transactions. The infrastructure is well designed to scale up within a few seconds to match surging demand. The platform offers one of the lowest fees in India and can be called one of the best app for trading cryptocurrency in India for beginners in 2023. 

Highly Liquid

Bitcoiva app has the world’s auto-matching P2P (peer-to-peer) crypto engine with high liquidity. Both newbie investors and professional traders trust the Bitcoiva app. The platform also has high liquidity in India in the INR market.

About Bitcoiva 

Bitcoiva trading app has become India’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange, built by a crew of hardcore traders and passionate blockchain believers. The platform is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, serving users in many countries. The exchange started in 2020 and has gradually increased the number of users since then. The exchange witnesses trading volumes and has been growing exponentially. The exchange has over 5 lakh users and can be accessed via several platforms, including iOS, Android, and desktop. 

If you are a new trader looking for the best app to invest in cryptocurrency trading in India for beginners in 2023, Bitcoiva is your go-to option. You can trade like a pro on the best app for trading cryptocurrency in India, in 2023, in hundreds of cryptocurrencies, and enjoy the fastest and most seamless user experience. Stay Ahead in Crypto Trading with Bitcoiva!

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